📚Book review📖

Hey guys, today in going to be doing a book review on a really good book called Girl Online by Zoe Sugg(Zoella on YouTube)go check her channel out

This book is about a girl called Peneollpie and she has got anxiety, and there is a boy next door to her and is very fashionable but hates onsies! He helps her get through life. She has an older brother who is always listening to hip hop music. 

I would give this book🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

And I think soon that Girl online 2 is coming out soon too✨✨


✌️👍Tangy Tuesday👍✌️28/4/15

Hi, today is Tuesday and I’m just back from school and getting ready to go to my saxophone practice🎷 

And in practice we are learning how to play calladonia and some songs form the movie The Mask and it’s a really good movie and we are really good at playing it😂So that’s all for today😘


💙❤️Mostly Monday❤️💙27/4/15

Today is Monday and I’m just getting ready for school🙍School is really boring💁But also is quite fun too🙆Anyways as you may notice I haven’t posted like a special or anything 😩And that’s because I’ve been so bizy with gymnastics and other stuff😋But it’s all worth it because I got third place at my comp😉 

 I’m really happy about that and on Thursday I’ve got another comp too🙊I’m just back from school and I’m getting my gymnastics stuff on😄 

Ok, I’ll see you guys later in the next post tomorrow😘Peace out✌️



😄🎉Sassy Saturday🎉😄25/4/15

It’s Saturday obviously as you can see in the tittle😂As you probs may notice I’ve not been posting?!😢Well I’ve got a gymnastics comp coming up and I have been training super hard and the comp is tomorrow🙊😉And I can wait, because it’s the first time I’ve ever had a dance😍💛😎 


As you may see this is my beam routine😆It’s really cool and I’m really good at it💘And I will be able to post tomorrow but it will be quite late😭Hope to see you all tomorrow in the next post🎉😘💖 



🌟😎Snazzy Sunday😎🌟29/3/15 March

Today is Sunday and I’m currently wrapping my cousins present💝She is going to be 6🌟I got her LEGO Friends and a Fairy card😎

She is really cute anyways let’s get on to what I’m doing today👾I’m going to my Grans house to see them because they have just come back from fortavensura🎇😍She texted me to say it was really warm and sunny☀️

Aww my BFF just sent me this telly cool and cute PicCollage🌠I have just made one for my mum & dad too look⭐️😎😄

They’re cool aren’t they😎Anyways guys it’s time for me to go to bed💤See you tomorrow💫Bye🙈🙉🙊


🎀🙆Super Satuday🙆🎀28/3/15 March

Today is Saturday as you can see in the title🌟Today I’m going to be posting pictures of my PicCollage💖So I hope you enjoy it☺️ 


These are the first three, here are the other two🎀


They are cool😜Aren’t they💌Get the app called PicCollage👌Tgats what I made all of these on🙉Well that’s Super Saturday for you💦