✌️👍Tangy Tuesday👍✌️28/4/15

Hi, today is Tuesday and I’m just back from school and getting ready to go to my saxophone practice🎷 

And in practice we are learning how to play calladonia and some songs form the movie The Mask and it’s a really good movie and we are really good at playing it😂So that’s all for today😘


💙❤️Mostly Monday❤️💙27/4/15

Today is Monday and I’m just getting ready for school🙍School is really boring💁But also is quite fun too🙆Anyways as you may notice I haven’t posted like a special or anything 😩And that’s because I’ve been so bizy with gymnastics and other stuff😋But it’s all worth it because I got third place at my comp😉 

 I’m really happy about that and on Thursday I’ve got another comp too🙊I’m just back from school and I’m getting my gymnastics stuff on😄 

Ok, I’ll see you guys later in the next post tomorrow😘Peace out✌️



😄🎉Sassy Saturday🎉😄25/4/15

It’s Saturday obviously as you can see in the tittle😂As you probs may notice I’ve not been posting?!😢Well I’ve got a gymnastics comp coming up and I have been training super hard and the comp is tomorrow🙊😉And I can wait, because it’s the first time I’ve ever had a dance😍💛😎 


As you may see this is my beam routine😆It’s really cool and I’m really good at it💘And I will be able to post tomorrow but it will be quite late😭Hope to see you all tomorrow in the next post🎉😘💖