😄🎉Sassy Saturday🎉😄25/4/15

It’s Saturday obviously as you can see in the tittle😂As you probs may notice I’ve not been posting?!😢Well I’ve got a gymnastics comp coming up and I have been training super hard and the comp is tomorrow🙊😉And I can wait, because it’s the first time I’ve ever had a dance😍💛😎 


As you may see this is my beam routine😆It’s really cool and I’m really good at it💘And I will be able to post tomorrow but it will be quite late😭Hope to see you all tomorrow in the next post🎉😘💖 



🌟😎Snazzy Sunday😎🌟29/3/15 March

Today is Sunday and I’m currently wrapping my cousins present💝She is going to be 6🌟I got her LEGO Friends and a Fairy card😎

She is really cute anyways let’s get on to what I’m doing today👾I’m going to my Grans house to see them because they have just come back from fortavensura🎇😍She texted me to say it was really warm and sunny☀️

Aww my BFF just sent me this telly cool and cute PicCollage🌠I have just made one for my mum & dad too look⭐️😎😄

They’re cool aren’t they😎Anyways guys it’s time for me to go to bed💤See you tomorrow💫Bye🙈🙉🙊


🎀🙆Super Satuday🙆🎀28/3/15 March

Today is Saturday as you can see in the title🌟Today I’m going to be posting pictures of my PicCollage💖So I hope you enjoy it☺️ 


These are the first three, here are the other two🎀


They are cool😜Aren’t they💌Get the app called PicCollage👌Tgats what I made all of these on🙉Well that’s Super Saturday for you💦


🌟💦Fabulous Friday💦🌟 27/3/15 March

Today is Friday and I just got back from the grange💦I will be starting a new blog with my friend Aribepbop💖And we will be posting every Tuesday and every Sunday🌟And the blog is called BetReid🙉That’s both of our second names put together by the way😄 

Anyways I mite go and call on my BFF Kiera😘 it was her B’Day💌


She is the best BFF in the world🎀I’ve just came back from her house and we were on minecraft and we are building an awesome world👑It’s really cool👌 

I need to get ready for bed now so😴Good night😴Bye see u in the next post😘💌🙏




😡👿Terrible Thursday👿😡26/3/15 March

Today is Thursday and it is TERRIBLE because it’s snowing and I thought it would be a nice day👍But NO it’s snowing in spring😱 


Look it’s so wet💦#I think I spelled Lyed wrong😒Oh well leave a comment if I did😄Anyways I’m just back from school and I’ve got gymnastics and I can’t wait because we are getting a new dance💃👯My coach said that I’m getting an Arial in mine🙆I’ll post a SPECIAL tomorrow🙉Now I need to go to gymnastics👯BYE GUYS SEE YOU LATER💖😘 



💖💟Tangfastic Tuesday💝😋24/3/15 March

As you may relies I missed out Monday that’s because I didn’t have enough time cause I had gymnastics but any way it’s Tuesday and I’m getting ready to go to school😄💖

 As you can see it’s such a nice day, so now I’m going to walk to school…Now I’m back from school💖I’ve got to go to wind band🎷…I’m back from wind band now and we are watching the book of life❤️Its really good💎Now it’s finished I’m going to go to bed💤