💖🎁Birthday Special🎁💘24/3/15 March

Today is my best friends birthday and we are going to go to Pizza Hut then we are going back to her house to have a sleepover🚺Girls only💟

Oh did you guys see the Eclipse yesterday it was really cool💖And in two weeks there is going to be a lunar Eclipse too🌘🌗🌖🌕And that’s where it gets really bright at midnight🌞🌚I’ll make sure I get a picture for you’s🌍Now back to the party this is what I’m wearing👗👠I’m wearing a pink dress with my white shoes👠🐚Now I’m at Kiera’s house we are going to Pizza Hut🍕Now we are back we are going to have hot chocolate and watch Fault in our stars🌟…Now the movie is finished we are going to party all night🎧🎤Now we are going to watch ghost storys👽💀🙈They were so scary😱…Now it’s Sunday morning💖And my dad is here to pick me up🚶But before that she has to open her presents🎁I got her Lush Fun, 2 Glow In The Dark Nail Polishes, Lush Bath Bomb, An ITunes Voucher and 2 Pearl Braclets💝🎁


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