Today’s Book Review📚📖15/3/15 March

Today’s book review is on the book called The Boy In The Dress🚶💃

It’s awesome!

This book is by David Walliams, he is a very good children’s writer. Quentin Blake was the one who illustrated this book📖Now let’s get onto the review📚

So for the pictures I am going to give this book 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 stars because it is so good🏆

For the story I am going to give this book 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Stars because it is so good🏆

What I think about this book!

I think this book is really good(well what am I talking about all of David Walliams books are good)That’s why I bought it!

A short summery of the book!

In this book the main character is called Denis and he lives with his Dad and brother John, his mum broke up with Denis’s dad along time ago but one night when his dad was burning all of the pictures of mum he managed to save one.

One day Denis was in raj’s shop and was buying a vogue magazine because he liked looking at the pictures of lady’s in lovely dress’s just like mum wore, Denis dad didn’t know that he had them so he hid them underneath his mattress, until one day he was watching Trisha his favourite T.V. show his best friend Darvish came for him. It was the day of the match at his school he had forgot all about it, he had to go so Davish’s mum took the both of them in her car. After the match they were so happy because they’d won Denis sneezed all over the goal keeper😮

So the next couple of days he had been hanging out with the top girl at school Lisa and she’d been letting him try on dresses. So one day Denis and Lisa had an idea😋. There idea was Denis goes into school dressed as a girl called Dinese, he tricks everyone at school exept the head master he finds out its Denis and he gets SUSPENDED!😈.After a while Lisa manages to convince the head master for Denis to come back.😇

So once Denis got back to school him and Lisa were walking to Raj’s and they saw an old women that looked a little bit like the head master👨Soon they figured out that she wasn’t a women it was the head master😏😯

I hope you liked my book review on The boy in the dress😆Leave a like or a comment if you did👌And look out for my next post tomorrow😘


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